Bad Influence

December 16th, 2009 by Inkslinger


Remember Bad Influence?

Well, do you remember the ostentation and decadence of the 90’s? Do you remember when nightclubs used to be cool? Do you remember when parties were glamorous and fun? Do you remember how you once had a huge crush on Rob Lowe? Do you remember James Spader?

Watch Bad Influence again to reminisce about all those things. (Oh yeah, and the story is pretty enthralling, too, remember?)



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2 Responses to “Bad Influence”

  1. d'Arrigo Says:

    Great film. An all-time fave. The best part is how Rob Lowe’s character saves Spader’s from his impending wedding by bringing the video he taped to the woman’s parents’ dinner party.

  2. whats anorexia? Says:

    d’arrigo, that scene was hysterical!!!! :D :D

    i watched almost all your reco’s, inky! not that i mind if you ask other ppl in the industry, but i’m glad when it’s your reco’s, because it seems like we have the same taste in movies. i loved every one that i saw. :) :D

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