October 26th, 2009 by Dick Johnson


Despite some vague reports to the contrary, PX This has learned that the latest incarnation of "The Room Formerly Known as Boom Boom" on the 18th floor of The Standard Hotel will (as of tomorrow) officially be named The Bon Bon, and will begin admitting "the general public" from 4PM to 9PM for Supper (an extended version of their current Preview menu). The room will then be "cleared out" from 9 to 9:30PM, and (its current policy of) "exclusive" admittance will begin from 10PM onward.

Bon Bon Apetit!



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12 Responses to “BOOM”

  1. Not Cool Says:

    open to the general public? there goes the neighborhood

  2. whats anorexia? Says:

    i’m so glad ‘cos i am definitely general public. how would i ever get to go otherwise? :( :D :P

  3. Inkslinger Says:

  4. Stupid Says:

    Who’s stupid idea was this? The extended hours are fine, but lose the general public. Plenty of time for riffraff after it loses it’s luster in a few months. Good luck trying to clear out the riffraff at 9pm. Hope they get big bouncers because they’ll need it trying to get rid of the MPD trash by 10pm.

  5. Stupid Says:

    Have you seen the trash in the beer garden!? That’s what you’ll get upstairs from 4-9pm. Gooooooood luuuuccckkkkk.

  6. insider Says:

    bon bon is alot more expensive than beer garden. they will prob also have some sort of dress code. but i agree that clearing out the room might be hard, everyone will want to come 8-8:30 and try to stay after the door get sets up…….

  7. pooh Says:

    they stop letting ppl in at 730 . so that gives them a time limit of 1.5 hrs to dine..dress course and reservations are still a must. its jst a way to make some money and please many hotel guests staying there that want to go upstairs that cannot..thats all!

  8. invited Says:

    How Rose Bar of them to kick people out at 9. Maybe they won’t have their manager choked out and some other nasty people fighting to stay. That coupled with Avenue wanting “to be like Rose Bar” (it can’t). Leaves me to say one thing “follow the leader”.

  9. BS Says:

    Yea, I agree it’s too much like trying to copy Rose Bar, which can be cool if Damian wasn’t such a ditz that’s usually running around instead of being at the door where he’s supposed to be. I said it before and I’ll say it again. They should leave it exclusive and run it like Mercer lobby. Too bad Mercer rooms/clientele are so much better and it’s not such an issue with the guests. They should make it only for guests that are ‘preferred’ and stay there or at other AB hotels ALOT. That could help solve the problem and keep incentive for guests to stay more often. Yea, I get that it’s a $$ issue, but they make bank in the Garden and Grill. Gotta keep something classy, and it’s better for the long run.

  10. BS Says:

    Yea and Avenue will never be Rose Bar because it”s ugly as shit.

  11. BS Says:

    The one good thing about BB is they are not obsessed with bottles. Rose Bar is fine with drinks but I have seen them kick parties off tables to make room for someone that will buy bottles. Cheesy!

  12. insider Says:

    but the $$$ issue is not just for the hotel but the staff for bon bon is not making $$ either. they make much less than the people in the grill or even living room. the prob with it being so exclusive is that the customers are not even spending that much, they stay for hours and drink water and no one orders the food….

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