Gottino’s Partners in Litigation

September 4th, 2009 by Dick Johnson


Gottino’s Michael Bull is in Litigation with Partner/Chef Jody Williams

Members and/or followers of theForum @PX This might well recall chef Jody Williams’s long, convoluted history. Almost a year ago, speculation arose that things might not be all that verdant in Denmark. Much more recent rumors have been swirling that Michael Bull has indeed filed a lawsuit against Jody Williams, alleging (among other things) she may have illicitly misapproriated up to “$95,000.00 of company money.”

A source familiar with the story quotes Michael Bull as having stated, “The gloves are off and the fight is on… I will close [Gottino] down if I have to.” Some former employers of Williams have also been pre-informed they may be subject to court deposition. Williams might best hope Keith McNally is not one of them, as he recently remarked in an interview with Restaurant Girl that he “did not enjoy working with her.”
Williams was the opening chef for McNally’s first foray in Italian cuisine. She left Gusto Ristorante (located several blocks form Morandi) amid a flurry of unsubstantiated gossip in the Spring of 2007. She was fired from Morandi in the Spring of 2008.
Gusto proprietor Sasha Muniak, when asked to comment on the lawsuit, replies, “… I did briefly discuss it with Keith… I know how [Bull and McNally] feel… I guess [Williams’s leaving] was a blessing all along.”


For more information on Jody Williams, read PX This Too (the Sequel to PX This) – Coming Soon in the Autumn of 2010


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2 Responses to “Gottino’s Partners in Litigation”

  1. Dick Johnson Says:

    Just heard that Eater has a story about Jody today, so I guess they don’t realize that Jody has actually not been around Gottino for months now.

    I actually heard awhile ago that Michael Bull is optimistic about a settlement in his favor.

  2. Inkslinger Says:

    In preparation for our upcoming “Archive” story on “The Grasshopper Chronicles,” I just wanted to update this story:

    Under court order, Jody William was ousted from Gottino in May of 2010

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