MORE on Sevigny & Khan…

November 30th, 2009 by Dick Johnson



MORE on Sevigny & Khan (& Civetta. Sort of.)

When we broke the story on Civetta’s closing, little did we realize it would become the *Nightlife Bloggers’ SAT on Reading Comprehension. Or maybe that’s more like the Jellus Bloggers’ SAT on Integrity and Pettiness? Whatever! We digress.

This just in from a tipster: "Did you see your old buddy Steve [Lewis]‘s column today? Funny how Nur [Khan] supposedly denies working with Paul [Sevigny]… from what I hear, they maybe are looking into a space in SoHo together, and Brad Zipper is their money guy… I don’t know how (or if) he fits into Civetta, though."

Another source adds: "…I have seen Brad [Zipper] at Civetta a couple times — he does live around the corner and is quite friendly with the staff… but I wouldn’t say that he’s involved in Civetta…"

And yet a third ‘insider’ speculates: "If I had to make a semi-educated guess, I’d say it could be possible there are two deals in the works? If the so-called SoHo space with Zipper is a go, it might still be a ways off… the Civetta thing would be a way for them to start up now, get their feet wet, then move along to the next project once that’s in the swing of things…"


*By the way, what does "the new Beatrice" even mean? As far as we know, The Beatrice Inn is CLOSED, indefinitely— just as we predicted (despite various uninformed opinions throughout the blogosphere contrary to our deduction). When Eric Goode & Co opened MK, did they call it "the new" Area? When Peter Gatien built Club USA, was it called "the new" Limelight? Hmm, perhaps they were— by those who were narrow-minded, shortsighted and ignorant.
The Beatrice Inn was the name of the space at 258 W 12th St, long before Matt Abramcyk and Paul Sevigny took over. For anyone to take that very same name and apply it to another location would, in short, be asinine.
Might we suggest pulling your head out of your navel for a change, and try some real erudition on for size. You might be amazed at what you can learn about reality and our industry if you just freed your hands from that circle jerk, and say (for example)— picked up a book every once in a while.



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2 Responses to “MORE on Sevigny & Khan…”

  1. lolololol Says:

    oh snap!

  2. MILFweed Says:

    Another thing is that I’m not even a professional blogger and even I can tell that Gawker didn’t link to you correctly which they more than likely did on purpose.

    This is a tough one – pettiness or poor reading comprehension? Which one is it? Of course I wouldn’t put either past Gawker but I wonder which one they would choose to use as an excuse.

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